Vitezslav Lindovsky

Backend developer

PHP    Symfony    PostgreSQL    Linux    IT Security

I'm a PHP programmer, focusing mainly on the backend.

I'm experienced with multiple frameworks, such as Symfony2, Nette, Zend, Kohana, and recently I've been playing with Phalcon.

I like to work with big data databases, from query optimization using advanced functions available in the database, to tuning the configuration of the database itself. Most of this I've learned working on core banking written in PL/SQL (Oracle Database), on a server monitoring system, and also on my own project for collecting info about web pages that uses PostgreSQL for its main storage.

I have experience with Linux server administration, which is also my favorite desktop OS.

I love clean code. My favorite books are the Clean Code series by Rober C. Martin and Code Complete by Steve McConnell. I can't imagine my work without Continuous Integration using GIT branching, automated testing with PHPUnit / Codeception / Selenium and Jenkins.

I would like to learn Python and C# (Xamarin, Unity) but I didn't have time to use it, yet.

One of my big interests is IT security. I would like to have this as my main job in the future, but for now it's just my hobby.

In my free time, I study new things for my work or I'm probably browsing Prague with my Filipina girlfriend.

If you are interested, you can see more about my experience on my LinkedIn profile.